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12399092_10154254155290288_504347250_nFrom: Diana Walker
Subject: You Really Can Kick Your Cravings Forever

Dear Fellow Cravings Partner,

Did you know that a seemingly harmless craving for a favourite food or drink could be sabotaging your physical and mental health? It's easy to think that these foods and drinks are just HELPING us to get through the day, but they are, in fact, harming us.

Our bodies become reliant upon the same foods that we depend on to give us energy. They no longer work, and instead require you to consume more for a fraction of the effect.

Let's take a look:

Cravings for . . .

  • beer, hard liquor
  • artificial sweeteners
  • coffee
  • bread, pasta
  • chocolate
  • cheese, butter
  • cookies, cakes, pies, donuts
  • fried foods, fast foods
  • pizza
  • chips, salted nuts, popcorn
  • sugar, soda (diet & regular)
  • candy

. . . can lead to deterioration of our physical and mental health. At first it may show as some unwanted pounds and lowered self-esteem, but this can quickly turn into a vicious cycle, leading to more serious health problems like: digestive problems, hypoglycemia, obesity, diabetes, depression, toxic liver, high blood pressure.

Okay, so maybe you know that they're bad for you, but . . .

It's So Hard To Stop Eating & Drinking The Things That Make My Life Easier!

Does this sound familiar? My friend Trish has been battling cravings for some time and her story is a frustrating but common one. Trish is a great mom to two kids and works hard. She takes care of her family first, staying up late doing laundry, getting up early in the morning to take care of the kids. Genuinely, she's like a lot of moms who are juggling too much. She starts every morning with a big cup of coffee with flavored creamer. She chugs the coffee while she packs school lunches and wrestles shoes on her kids. She then hops in her car and drives the kids to school. Kisses them and heads to Starbucks for another cup of coffee -- but this one is loaded with syrup and whipped cream.

For lunch, she's running errands and grabs a fast food meal (loaded with sugar, fat, and chemicals), or swings by her house for an instant microwave meal (filled with sodium and preservatives). A few hours later, she chugs a Diet Soda in order to stay energized and heads out to pick up the kids. She then runs to karate and soccer practice, perhaps grabbing one last diet soda to keep up the pace. Her kids ask for a drink of her Diet Soda and she says "No, it's bad for you." And, even she sees the irony in this statement.

After dinner, she tucks in the kids and plops down in front of the TV with a bottle of red wine -- to help her relax after a long day. While she brushes her teeth that night, she looks at herself in the mirror, thinking about how bad her skin looks, how much weight she's gained, and how she knows she's not taking good enough care of herself. She climbs into bed, promising herself that that next day will be different -- even though she's made that same promise every night for months. She falls asleep, feeling like a failure for not being able to eat healthier and guilty for not taking better care of herself.

You and my friend Trish are not alone! Thousands of women are on the endless cycle of “being good” and then “falling off the wagon”. Thousands more just never even get a chance to "be good" in the first place because they are too busy to even TRY. Now what if I told you that there is an easier way end your craving struggles once and for all?


Here's How You Can Manage Your Worst Cravings

Can you answer "YES" to any of these questions?

  1. You're always thinking about your next quick fix -- coffee, soda, candy bar, pizza or bottle of beer?
  2. First thing in the morning, do you reach for your coffee to wake up and then end your day with alcohol to relax?
  3. Do you limit your kid's sugar intake but have a secret stash of cookies in the pantry for your two o'clock fix?
  4. Once a month, do you dive head-first into a gallon of chocolate ice cream?
  5. You lead a busy lifestyle so it's easier to just grab fast food on the run?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'll find the help you need in my ebook "Craving Secrets."

Sarah Zeldman

"Your ebook has become the new "bible" in my kitchen. I loved reading the ebook once through to learn where my cravings were coming from. (it makes me feel a little less crazy to know the bio-chemical causes of my cravings!) But now when a craving strikes, I grab your ebook to see how to Conquer my Craving. I LOVE how neatly organized it is into each category of craving for easy access! THANK YOU for making my weight loss so much easier! "

Sarah Zeldman
Annette Yen Algonquin, IL

"Diana, I loved the Craving Secrets Q&A audio! I just finished listening to it the second time and it was like you were talking right to me the whole time! Thank you for putting out this important book for people like me who really need it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Annette Yen Algonquin, IL

Introducing The Craving Secrets eBook:

A Simple, Step-By-Step Guide To Beating Your Junk Food Cravings

craving-secretsWhat if this guide explained every type of common food craving, and provided you with an arsenal of tools to battle the craving the next time it struck?

After years of working with women to help them beat their cravings, I've taken what I've learned and compiled it into 1 ne guide. Of course, I'm not claiming to cure any of the diseases listed above, but I can give you tips to STOP giving into your cravings – and lead a healthier life where you control your cravings instead of the other way around.

Not only can you find out what CAUSES each of the cravings, but you'll be given information to help you battle the craving when it strikes -- and win.


Discover How To Beat The 14 Different Cravings In This eBook:

Alcohol - wine, beer, hard liquor
Artificial Sweeteners & Aspartame - diet soda
Caffeine - Coffee & Soda
Carbohydrates - Bread and Pasta
Dairy Products - Cheese & Butter
Desserts - cookies, cakes, pies, donuts
Fried foods, fast foods, pizza
Oils and Fats
Salty snacks - chips, salted nuts, popcorn
Soda (Diet and Regular)
Sugar - Candy/Sweets
Wheat - bread, pasta, crackers

Here Is Just A Sample Of What You'll Find Inside This 46 Page eBook:

Here's An Excerpt From My e-book, "Craving Secrets"

What Causes Cravings?

A food craving is much, much more than a preference for a particular food, or an impulse to buy a certain snack. A food craving is an intense and uncontrollable desire for a type of food. When you have a craving for a food, you’ll go to any lengths to satisfy it. Cravings can be distracting and disastrous to your health. There are many different theories on what causes cravings, and depending on the craving, you may be experiencing one or several of these phenomenon. Doctors and dietitians agree that cravings come from a complex combination of emotional, hormonal and biochemical factors.

Low Blood Sugar

Low Blood Sugar is a main trigger for food cravings. This is normally caused when we become extremely hungry or are trying to follow a very low calorie diet.

Read More +

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Blood Sugar Imbalance can cause cravings. If you often experience cravings, you may have an underlying fluctuation of blood sugar levels. These fluctuations can cause cravings, water retention, excessive thirst and mood swings.

Emotional Triggers

There are many emotional and psychological triggers that can cause us to crave food. As humans, food is much, much more than just nutrition. We use food to comfort ourselves and have strong emotional ties to certain foods and flavors. We also eat out of stress, depression and boredom.


Hormones can cause intense food cravings, especially for women. A lot of strong food cravings occur the week before a woman starts her period. Hormonal swings can have a big influence on urges for foods.


Studies show that certain cravings, like wheat, gluten or sugar, actually reveal food allergies. Your body may have a bio-chemical craving for the foods that you are allergic to. In the following sections, we’ll delve into each specific craving, the reasons for it and how to control it.

Please Note: If you have a food or alcohol addiction, I am not a food or drug counselor. Please seek professional help. But don't just take it from me, here's:

Real-Life PROOF Of Happy Customers!

Goldie Caldwell, British Columbia, Canada

"In 1995 I had asked my primary care doctor why I was tired all the time, and his response was, "Well, you're a working Mom." He said everything in my blood work looked great, I was "healthy" and that was that. However, I had to wonder . . . ‘Then why do I feel so lousy?’ I was becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired. Diana Walker taught me how to help my body regenerate. It made sense to me. I lost my cravings for junk food and coffee. My energy started to increase and I started to lose weight. I found it easy to pass up the junk food and make healthy table food choices. When I was so fatigued all the time I missed out on a lot of life. Now, with my body feeling strong and balanced, I enjoy vibrant health and extra energy! I really enjoy my life, I’m a better mother to my girls, and I’m better able to serve others. What can be better than that?"

Goldie Caldwell, British Columbia, Canada
Marty Marsh

"For years I’ve been trying to get myself off of sugar and it wasn’t until I met Diana Walker and started learning about cravings that I started to get my sugar consumption under control. Diana’s new book distills into one convenient location everything you need to know to kick any craving you may have, whether it's for sugar or salt — virtually anything that might be inhibiting your quality of life. Put the suggestions in this book into practice and notice how much energy you regain and how much better you feel everyday!"

Marty Marsh,
Jennifer Houck NC

"Diana as you know I am big on cravings for sweet things and bread. I was afraid when trying to start out my new healthy lifestyle that I was going to have a problem giving up these cravings. They are truly my weakest links. Then at that moment at got my hands on your ebook Craving Secrets and oh my word! You have it spelled it out so easy to where I can get over my weakest links. The book is so easy to understand and does not go over my head. I now have renewed hope that this year will be my year to lead my healthy lifestyle and stay on it. There will be no more slipping back to my cravings and making my lifestyle go back to the same way as in the past. I appreciate all that you have done for me!"

Jennifer Houck NC
Trudy Stoelting, Fully Alive Lifestyles British Columbia, Canada

"A sense of humor along with powerful crisp teaching skills, and in-depth knowledge on her subject make Diana Walker a dynamic instructor. The strong ability to organize material in an easy learning style, then present the material in a logical yet interesting manner, are just a few of the skills Diana brings to her classes and presentations. Top this off with excellent listening skills, add years of experience and you have a teacher worth paying attention to!"

Trudy Stoelting, Fully Alive Lifestyles British Columbia, Canada

But Wait; There's More:

Not only will you get the 46 page "Craving Secrets" ebook (.pdf), but you'll also get access to these 4 FREE BONUS GIFTS:

Bonus #1: Recorded Q&A With Diana (mp3)

bonus-150x150During an interview, Diana answered some of the most common cravings questions, including:

1. If I give up my favorite foods, will I have withdrawal?
2. My mom always told me that you crave foods because your body needs them. Are you saying that’s wrong?
3. How can I satisfy my cravings without eating the thing that I want?
4. What’s the difference between a craving and an addiction.
5. Do I need to establish an “all or nothing” approach if I really want to be healthy?
6. Are there tricks to getting through the worst of the craving so I can actually beat it?
7. Why do I crave chocolate during PMS?
8. Are there natural supplements that help get rid of cravings?

Bonus #2: A Printable Report "Candida and Cravings" (pdf)

Could Candida be the cause of your sugar cravings, your carb cravings, your cravings for junk food? Learn more about:

  • bonus-150x150What Causes Candida
  • Candida Diet-Friendly Foods
  • Health Food Options to Discourage Yeast Growth
  • Seven Changes in Your Diet to Reduce Candida Overgrowth

Bonus #3: Gluten Intolerance, Hidden Food Allergies & Cravings (pdf)

bonus-150x150We tend to crave what we are allergic to. It doesn’t make sense for your body to crave a food that causes a harmful allergic reaction.

However, the key to why you crave the foods that harm you lies in the chemical reactions that take place in the body.

This Report covers:

  • What are Food Allergies?
  • Hidden Food Allergies & Cravings
  • Dairy-Free Living
  • Sugar-Free Living
  • Gluten Intolerance – Wheat-Free Living

Bonus #4: PMS & Cravings (pdf)

bonus-150x150You are literally medicating yourself with food when you reach for high-carb/high-sugar/high-fat foods. That’s why you crave donuts, ice cream, cake, cookies and pastries during PMS. This report covers:

  • What is PMS?
  • What Causes PMS?
  • PMS, Hormones & Weight Management
  • PMS & Emotional Eating
  • Help for PMS Cravings & Symptoms

Bonus #5: 5-Day Meal Plan to Reduce Cravings (pdf)

bonus-150x150My 5-Day Meal Plan will give you great, delicious ideas to replace sugar, fat and salt-laden recipes, taking steps to reduce cravings.

Recipes include: Detox Smoothie, Breakfast Rice/Millet Ambrosia, Chunky Vegetable Soup, Savory Roasted Vegetables, Mediterranean Vegetable Bake, Mexican Chickpea Wraps and Baked Herbed Salmon.

Bonus #6: Updates

bonus-150x150If the publishers of this book add any additional tools to this package, you will receive them at no additional cost as long as you remain on the Cravings Customer List.

YES! Diana, I Want To Finally Beat My Cravings!

I understand that I will pay a one-time fee of only $19.77 and I will have instant access to:

  • 46 Page Cravings Secrets eBook (.pdf)
  • Recorded Question & Answer Call With Diana (mp3)
  • A Printable Report "Candida and Cravings" (pdf)
  • 20 Gluten Intolerance, Hidden Food Allergies & Cravings (pdf)
  • PMS & Cravings (pdf)
  • 5-Day Meal Plan to Reduce Cravings (pdf)
  • Updates

And I am completely covered by your 45 day money-back guarantee . . .

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 diana Honestly, $19.77 isn't much when you consider that it's only the cost of a few lattes at Starbucks, or a trip through the junk food aisle at the store.

How much money do you spend on diet aids and diet drinks? Instead you could have a resource that you can refer to for years to come.

With the help from this guide, you can give up those empty-calorie foods, and replace them with healthier foods, making you feel better as well. Plus, when you purchase Craving Secrets you get 4 FREE BONUS GIFTS and you don't risk one cent!

Best Wishes,
Diana Walker Cravings Coach

P.S. Act today and you'll get the exclusive 45 day money-back guarantee. I insist that every customer be a satisfied customer, so I'll thank you to ask for a full refund should you ever become dissatisfied. This is the way I've done business over the years, so you can be assured that I'll stand behind this guarantee.

P.P.S. Take action and order now. If you just sit there and do nothing, that's all you'll get in return...nothing. Take charge and start getting rid of your cravings, losing weight, and living a healthier life right away! Click Here To Order Now                   


45 Day Risk Free Guarantee

Order the guide, read through it, and if you’re not happy with the ebook after reading it, just send me an email within 45 days of purchase and I’ll send you a complete refund. No questions asked. No delay.

Carrie Lauth

"We all know how frustrating it is when cravings sabotage our efforts to improve our health or lose weight. Diana's guide will help you not only conquer your cravings for problem foods but also assist you to have more energy and feel better at the same time."

Carrie Lauth ,
Aurelia Williams Washington, DC

"Diana, thank you for pulling all of this great information together into a format that was easy to read and follow! The eBook and the audio are incredible! I have big craving issues with soda, coffee & salty snacks so those sections really spoke to me and I loved how you explain the cravings on a physical and emotional level. I love the way you include a Conquer the Craving section after each topic. It is really inspiring and motivating to read about what we can do to conquer the cravings. Also, the way this ebook is written makes it so easy to follow and to build up the motivation to make healthy changes! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us."

Aurelia Williams Washington, DC
Tricia Holder, Certified Nutritional Consultant Manitoba, Canada

"I have been a business associate of Diana’s for several years and a co-presenter on many occasions. I have always been impressed with her teaching style and her relentless search for new ways to help people better understand themselves and the universe around them. She presents in a clear, concise and easily understood manner and makes learning enjoyable."

Tricia Holder, Certified Nutritional Consultant Manitoba, Canada

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Please Note: If you have a food or alcohol addiction, I am not a food or drug counselor. Please seek professional help. Of course the information in this e-guide and in all bonuses is not a substitute for the medical advice of your doctor. Statements in this book regarding supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your Doctor before taking your health into your own hands.

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